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3 Music Industry Facts John Branca Attorney Wants You To Know

Like any industry, in the music industry, there are certain things you need to understand when looking to get involved. Here are three facts about the music industry.

1. Negotiation Is Essential

Industry professionals like John Branca know how important it is to cultivate skills in negotiation. You should see representation in the industry, whether you’re getting into performing or production. A good entertainment attorney can negotiate on your behalf and ensure the contracts you enter are as beneficial to you as possible. You should also develop your skills in negotiation by strategizing your talking points and arguments, cultivating persuasive speaking and assessing your goals and where you’re willing to compromise.

2. Performing Isn’t Everything

You don’t necessarily need to be a trained musician or planning to be a performer to break into the music industry. There are all kinds of jobs available in the music industry related to production, coaching and teaching, talent management and writing, just to name a few. There are plenty of other industry careers available. John Branca, for example, is an attorney and has represented several different musical artists over the years. If you chose to become an entertainment attorney, you could choose to represent musicians, actors and many others in the entertainment industry.

3. The Internet Is Changing Things

While creating music and songs was heavily regimented for most of the music industry’s history, in the internet age, that is definitely no longer the case. An artist can post an original song to social media and it can go viral, giving the artist a huge following and plenty of exposure without any involvement from production or management staff. Even established artists can choose to produce music entirely at home, with a good laptop and high-end recording equipment. Even buying and selling music has been changed by the internet. The popularity of mp3 files allowed single songs to be downloaded without the consumer needing to purchase an entire album. Now, with the advent of streaming services, you don’t even need to download music at all. However, this can make it difficult for artists to make money and can cause issues regarding the legality of obtaining music. Mp3 files are easy to download illegally, and streaming services can be hacked.

The music industry is really no different from other industries. There are many career paths available for you, but you need to make sure you cultivate the right skills and learn as much as you can in order to excel in the industry.

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