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Everything to Know about Social Security Disability Benefits

The state classifies certain conditions as disabilities and has laws to help assist the group. One of the most significant programs is social security disability insurance. It is a fund that seeks to benefit people who cannot work due to the challenges.

There is a procedure the authorities follow when identifying the beneficiaries, including the person with a disability and particular family members. However, it is common to get a denial for your claims, but you can appeal the case. A qualified social security disability lawyer can help you develop a solid chance to qualify for the benefits.


Strict guidelines exist on who is eligible for social security disability benefits. You qualify if you have medically proven mental or physical conditions that can prevent you from engaging in different activities. Also, the authorities will consider your duration in the state or how long it is likely to last: The period to qualify is 12 months. At the same time, your family members will benefit in case of death.

Apart from an incapability to work as previously you would, there are other factors the criteria consider when qualifying candidates. It includes work experience, education, age, work history, and medical records. The law offers guidelines on testing a person’s disability. It is what the agencies follow in determining eligibility. However, you must have contributed to the fund via the social security taxes while you were working.

Who is at Risk?

Anybody is at risk of being disabled and can benefit from social security benefits. Mental conditions and cancer are leading factors contributing to people’s incapability to contribute to the economy. It happens to the young and old in society. A quarter of the cases in the country happen before a person retires, and they can receive compensation for lost income via social security disability insurance.

On the other hand, the aged citizens who suffer from the listed disabilities can receive additional compensation via the social security act. Federal agencies record increasing claims for the benefits and predict the number to rise into the future. The projection is due to people being prone to the conditions from their early years and will require support. Also, the workforce dynamics are a factor as more women are working and contributing to the fund.

Applying for the Benefits

After determining your social security disability insurance eligibility, you can apply for the benefits. You can use the USSD option via phone or the internet to initiate your application. It involves booking an appointment with the local representative to file your claims with the social security office. It is advisable to start the process immediately if you qualify. The agency will not pay for previous months even though you were entitled to the benefits.

It takes approximately five months to get feedback on your application, but the period may be shorter. The duration depends on the information gathering since the state agency uses specialists to determine your application. Having a social security disability lawyer assist you throughout the process will improve the experience.

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