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How Can A Person Accused Of Sexual Assault Get A Defense Team?

People around the world have become more aware of sexual assault and rising against it and are ready to defend their rights.

In a case of sexual assault, there is the victim and the accused. In some cases, there are chances that the accused is being framed and would therefore require an able legal team to defend them.

There are not many law firms that may be willing to take up such a case since the case is highly prejudiced. However, the accused should not lose hope since there are firms such as Seattle defense law firm that would be willing to represent the accused.

The law firm would not only defend the accused but would also ensure that the accused win and get their freedom back.

It is also important to note that the framed are not the only ones who can be defended but those who have valid reasons such as mental illness and proof can be defended in court.

Therefore, there are ways in which an accused person can get defense and their side of the story heard. These ways include;

If the accused is not guilty

In some cases, the accused is condemned yet he or she may not have had any fault in the matter. An attorney should work tooth and nail to ensure that the truth comes out. One way is by having the victim undergo medical tests to see if there is any DNA belonging to the accused. If none is found, then the whole case should be reviewed to ensure both the victim and the accused get the justice they deserve.

If the victim and accused performed the act with concurrence

 At other times the accused may admit that the sexual act did take place but with the victim’s assent. The defense would try to paint a picture by digging up the victim’s past sexual experiences where consent was given. This could, however, end up making things worse for the accused and the defense team should be very cautious if they decide to do this.

It is also important for the case of minors or anyone who is incapacitated that if they are unable to make decisions consciously then a matter of consent may not be accepted by jury or judge.

Some states allow the accused to claim that there was a mistaken agreement between the two parties. However, the accused would need to present convincing evidence of such.

If the accused claims mentally unstable

 In this case, the accused can claim to have had mental inability during the occurrence of the assault. Once the accused presents evidence of their insanity then both the jury and the judge could be more forgiving towards them. They might not get completely emancipated but they could write a lighter sentence. After all, having a half-full basket is better than having an empty one.

With the above in mind, anyone accused of sexual assault should not despair especially if they are innocent. They should know that with the help of their attorneys they can have their story heard and their innocence is proven.

Society should also avoid segregating these accused persons as at times they might prove their innocence and would need to get back to their normal lives without judgment.

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