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Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can severely impact your family, financial, and career prospects. A conviction can result in mandatory anger management classes, probation, a restraining order, and jail time. In addition, unlike in the past, when false accusations were often taken lightly, actual victims are now treated seriously by police and court officials.

Domestic abuse can take many forms, from physical assault to psychological or sexual abuse. Psychological abuse is hard to prove but can damage a relationship as physical abuse. A conviction for a domestic violence offense could lead to a lifetime registration as a sex offender.

You could also be charged with aggravated domestic violence if you commit three or more domestic violence offenses within 84 months. This is a felony-level crime punishable by years in prison. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you must hire a criminal defense lawyer tucson to protect your rights.

Criminal Charges

Your life can dramatically change when formal or informal criminal allegations are made against you. Even a misdemeanor conviction can affect your job, reputation, and relationships with family and friends. If you face criminal charges, you need a skilled and dedicated lawyer tucson to defend your rights and protect your future.

Felonies carry significant penalties, including years of prison time and hefty fines. They can also substantially impact your employment opportunities and housing situation. However, a skilled criminal lawyer tucson can mount a strong defense on your behalf and fight to keep you out of jail and avoid serious repercussions.

Even a misdemeanor crime, like disorderly conduct, can significantly impact your life. For example, being arrested for disorderly conduct can affect your employment opportunities, cause problems with your rental agreement, and make it difficult to get a good living arrangement. Our firm will work to keep the charge off your record so that you can enjoy your freedom and employment opportunities.

Criminal Record Expungement

If you have a past criminal record that you would like removed from your rap sheet, it is possible in some states to petition the court for expungement. Expungement removes the charge from public view and prevents prospective landlords, employers, and licensing boards from viewing the conviction when doing a background check. Unlike sealing, expungement does not erase the record; however, it is still confidential, meaning that you can legally deny ever being charged or convicted of the crime.

Expungement procedures vary by state and can be challenging to navigate without the assistance of a skilled lawyer tucson. Often, a request for expungement will require the client to provide extensive case and arrest information and proof that they have completed all probation requirements (including paying all fines, attending all the necessary classes, and staying out of trouble), as well as a formal motion filed with the courts. It may also be required to notify the police department or prosecutor’s office of your request to delete your record.

Violation of Probation

A person on probation doesn’t have the same freedoms as people, not on probation, and it’s for a good reason: violating your probation can result in severe consequences and penalties. A prorbation violation can be as simple as getting a new traffic ticket or as serious as committing another crime while on probation.

Once your probation officer files a Petition for Violation of Probation, the judge who sentenced you will hold a hearing to determine whether or not you violated your probation. The standard of proof is not the same as a criminal trial, beyond a reasonable doubt, but rather a much lower burden called “preponderance of evidence.”

If your violation is substantial, the judge may extend your probation term, impose additional terms and conditions, order you to serve a brief period in jail, or even revoke your probation entirely and require you to serve your original statutory prison sentence. Our Tucson criminal defense attorneys have experience handling probation violations and can help you avoid jail time.

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