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Key factors for selecting a truck accident lawyer

Accidents and crashes involving commercial trucks and 18-wheelers often have shocking consequences. If you were injured in such an accident, consider calling an attorney at the earliest. Truck accidents are complex for various reasons. Firstly, it can be hard to prove fault. Was the driver reckless? What if the truck was not loaded properly? What if the vehicle had a manufacturing defect? Or was the repair service at fault? These are questions that can only be answered after a detailed investigation. 

Secondly, insurance companies working for these trucking businesses often don’t empathize with victims. Do not expect the claims adjuster to be fair or reasonable. If you are looking for truck accident attorneys in Vermont, you can check this website. Below are some key factors for selecting an attorney. 

  1. Specific experience and expertise. Not all injury attorneys take truck accident cases, and experience is a key factor to consider. If you want to take on a big trucking company and their insurance company, you need a lawyer capable of negotiating like a pro. Ask the attorney if they have worked on similar cases, besides details of their landmark settlements. 
  2. Availability. “Who Will I Be Working With?” – That’s an important question. Many attorneys may work for the same law firm, and you need to meet the lawyer working on the case directly. Some attorneys will pass the case to an associate, and that can impact the outcome. Make sure that your lawyer is accessible and available as needed. 
  3. Cost. When it comes to truck accident claims, most attorneys work on a contingency fee instead of the standard hourly rate. The lawyer can charge 20-40% of the final settlement, provided they win. Legal representation doesn’t have to be expensive, at least not right away. Ask the lawyer if there are other expenses and whether they can advance the same for now. You can always repay these expenses from your settlement. 
  4. Courtroom experience. Typically, truck accident claims and lawsuits are settled outside of court. However, if the matter ends up in trial, you need a lawyer with trial experience. Your attorney should be able to take on corporate lawyers without batting an eyelid. 
  5. Comfort. Although not the most important point, you need to feel comfortable working with a truck accident lawyer. During the first meeting, check if the lawyer was okay answering your questions and being empathetic to your circumstances. 

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