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Safety Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

Due to their larger size, trucks require significantly more space to turn and come to a complete stop after recognizing a hazard. Furthermore, tire blowouts are common, so traveling near a commercial truck can be hazardous if the tire fails right next to the vehicle. These vehicles must have plenty of room. When caught in truck accidents, it is best to contact an attorney. For attorneys that suit your legal needs, you can check this out:

Staying Out of Blind Spots

When you’re driving a truck, staying out of a truck driver’s blind spot is one of the best ways to avoid a truck accident. The blind spots of a car vary in size and type, but they’re often 20 feet in front and 30 feet behind. Because they’re so broad, they can’t see as much of the road as a passenger car or motorcycle.

You’ll have to pay close attention while passing to stay out of a truck’s blind spot. The truck driver may not be able to see your car, so make sure you signal early to see their side mirrors. If you’re in a truck blind spot, move out as soon as possible. When you’re in a truck’s blind spot, you should never turn around in front of a car.

Using a Spotter

Using a spotter to avoid truck crashes is often necessary for medium-sized truck fleets. Training driver teams to back with the spotter can reduce the number of accidents. Those with experience can also give tips for tricky situations. Spotters are not required to be truck drivers, but they can play a significant role in minimizing the risk of an accident.

Make eye contact with the driver. The driver must remain alert while backing. This means that the driver should look out for objects in the road ahead and back up slowly. Drivers should always establish eye contact with the spotter and keep them in sight while backing up. Drivers must also remember to install rear-vision cameras in their vehicles. This will eliminate rear blind spots and provide a full view of the vehicle’s rear.

Speeding Trucks

Drivers should be more aware of their surroundings when driving on the road, especially regarding trucks. Trucks have wide blind spots, so they can easily hit a car if it’s not paying attention. Using the speed limit, following traffic signs, and using the turn signal to signal your intentions are all helpful safety tips to avoid truck accidents. If you notice a truck approaching you and are not prepared the stop, slow down or pull over.

Drivers should never ride on a truck’s bumper because this puts them in the blind spot and is risky. Also, avoiding turning on empty highways and taking your foot off the gas are other good safety tips to avoid truck accidents. Trucks take longer to stop than other vehicles, so don’t squeeze by. They also take longer to accelerate than other vehicles, so don’t make sudden, aggressive moves that will send them spinning in the air.

No Zones in a Truck

No zones are an essential part of truck accident safety tips. Truck drivers must check for no-zones before passing other vehicles. Trucks have more prominent blind spots than cars, so drivers should avoid giving on the right side. In addition, drivers should never brake without checking their rearview mirrors. Truck drivers cannot see the cars behind them until they are nearly at a dead stop, so they need more space to make the turn safely.

One of the most essential truck accident safety tips is to avoid swerving in front of large trucks. Large trucks have blind spots that a truck driver cannot see. As a result, the driver may make an unsafe maneuver, such as moving into the other lane or backing up. Even if the other driver is driving in their lane, the truck driver cannot see them. This increases the risk of a collision, and the consequences of being in the blind spot can be catastrophic.

Do Not Play Chicken With a Truck

Slowing down when driving alongside a truck is vital to ensure a safe passage. When you are in a position to do so, you should try to match the car’s speed in front of you. Slowing down, even more, is crucial during poor weather conditions. Drivers need to be aware of the potential dangers associated with speeding, which is why they should always follow highway speed limits.

Pedestrian-related accidents are more common than you might think. Many pedestrians are hit by trucks every single day. One boy was hit by a 40-ton truck while playing chicken with his friends last October. The accident was caught on video, and the truck driver has a good chance of reducing liability. The incident took out two tractor-trailers and four other cars and tied up traffic for hours. Thankfully, the boy survived the accident without a scratch.

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