The Price of Freedom

The bail system in the United States is known to punish those who find themselves in jail and cannot afford the cost of the bail that has been set for them. This can have a very negative impact on people and communities that are less affluent. If a bail amount has been set for release, people who have not been proven guilty should not have to sit in jail just because they do not have the necessary amount of money. Thankfully, there is a solution for people who find themselves in that exact situation.


Jailed individuals that cannot afford the bail amount that has been set for their release can turn to bail bonds West Chester PA. This option only requires the person being bailed out of jail to pay 10% of the total bail amount to a bail bondsman. The person must also provide the bondsman with collateral that amounts to the rest of their bail amount. This is only a safety net in case the person decides to run off and never return to stand trial. In that case, the fee and collateral they provided will be used by the bondsman to pay the court the entirety of the bail amount.

However, if the person returns and stands trial like they are supposed to, then the collateral will be returned to them. However, the 10% fee will be kept by the bondsman. Sure there are costs associated with bail bonds, however, this method makes it possible for people who cannot afford their bail to enjoy their freedom while their criminal culpability is determined.

Your Freedom Is Worth It

The truth of the matter is that if you find yourself in this situation your freedom will cost you a small fee. However, your freedom is worth it! It is not fair for you to have to spend an extended period of time in jail simply because you are not wealthy enough to afford your bail amount. This system results in poorer communities finding a larger percentage of their residents incarcerated and robbed of their freedom.

After all, in this country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore you should not be treated as though you are already guilty before that verdict has been reached, if it ever is. These bonds, though not entirely free themselves, can grant you the freedom you deserve while you wait for a verdict to be reached in your case.

Hank Pedro
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