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The role of Texas guardianships for those who need it

There are so many people who often require some support to manage their routine affairs simply due to their age or have some serious health concerns. In such a scenario, a court has passed a law that states the individual can have a guardian. Basically, ward and guardian are two legal terms that indicate the relationship between those who need protection (ward) with the help of those who offer protection (the guardian). Talking about Texas guardianships, there is a process included for hiring a guardian. The process needs to be done correctly.

Understand the process to hire a guardian:

The guardian hiring process is quite stringent and should be followed systematically. Usually, such a person once appointed becomes a permanent one. But if some changes may happen then the judge can decide if the need for a guardian is still required or not. As per the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, those adults or the youth who have aged out of the conservatorship require a guardian. There are cases when the court may even request the professional service itself to be a guardian. In case the victim has been referred to some professional service for guardianship due to some disability or more than the age of 65 years, then guardianship can be granted. At such time the process includes:

  • An application needs to be filled with a court
  • It is important to be present for a judge hearing
  • It is the budget that shall decide whether the guardian is needed and how to appoint one.

Other options and why they are needed:

There is no doubt that guardianship can be of great support. But it is also important to understand that once a person gets a guardian it means the major rights of the person who needs the guardianship loses the rights. That is why it should be the best but the last decision that needs to be made for the protection. Before requesting the court to hire a guardian, there are also some other options that can be decided. Some of them are as follows:

  • To look for the person who can help the [person in need to pay of the boils and ensure money management
  • To find a relabel help from the person who would be able to make some decision especially the one related to health care
  • To enroll the person who might be available in community services.

Under Texas law Who Cannot be a Guardian?

As per Texas law, there are certain criteria set for Texas guardianship. This includes:

  • A person who is incapacitated themselves
  • A person involved in a property dispute with the ward
  • A person who is below 18 years of age cannot be a guardian
  • A person who is indebted to the ward


Certainly, to be a guardian for some people requires quite a huge commitment. Such a person would be responsible for making personal decisions on the ward’s behalf. This kind of arrangement is established by the court, so this responsibility should not be taken lightly. As per the ruleset, Texas guardianships are a huge commitment and hence should be designated after a good thought.

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