What Are The Most Common Ways to Get Burn Injuries?

Hospitals are always treating people with burns. People need to be careful out there. But what should they be looking to avoid?

Here are some of the most common causes of burn injuries.

Hot Liquids

People were initially laughing about that woman that sued McDonald’s after she spilled coffee on herself. The thing was, the coffee was being heated at temperatures that were well past being safe. When she spilled the coffee, she got devastating burns that required a lot of medical treatment.

Coffee is far from the only hot liquid that can cause severe burns. People need to be aware of who is around a stove when boiling water for pasta. Many unattended children have been seriously injured when they overturned a pot by being curious.

Home or Building Fires

There have been many cases of a house or building going up in flames when someone fell asleep while smoking a cigarette. Or they tossed a still hot match into a trash can that had a lot of paper in it. The burns that people get from these can be truly life-threatening.


People who work with certain materials, like paint thinners, gasoline, or lye, have to be very careful when using them. If they aren’t, and it gets on them, then they can have chemical burns, which are quite painful.

Electrical Burns

The main reason that this happens is when people touch an uninsulated cord, like an extension cord. An unsupervised child might also put a metal object, like a fork, into an electrical outlet. Make sure that the electrical things in your home are well insulated.


Yes, this counts. People have laid out in the sun or in a tanning bed for too long and gotten some really deep burns. The ultraviolet rays can cause damage that extends far beyond a mildly uncomfortable sunburn.

The other thing that people have to be aware about is that if they get a bad sunburn, then that can also increase their risk that they develop skin cancer later on in life. It only takes a few minutes to put on sunscreen and protect your skin. This is a worthwhile investment in time.

If you get a burn from something, you need to seek medical attention. Once that has been done and you were not at fault, then you might be able to get money back for your injury. Get better and then talk to a lawyer.

Hank Pedro
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