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What To Do in a Collision With a Motor Vehicle While Riding a Bicycle

Now more than ever, adults start using social media when something important happens to them in their lives. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, you may be tempted to share your experience on your Facebook or Instagram account. If you decide to post photos or give your version of what happened, proceed with caution. According to the U.S. Bar Association:

“The ubiquitous nature of social media has made it an unparalleled source of evidence, particularly in the areas of law on crime, personal injury, employment, and family. Evidence on social media has played a key role in countless cases.” Here are three ways to navigate social media after being involved in a bicycle accident.

Less is More

The best thing you can do is to withdraw from social media until your bicycle accident case has been resolved. Any and all information you share can be used against you if your case goes before a judge. If you are still present on social media, make sure your photographs and posts do not reference or share information about your accident. Although your post may seem innocent, parties to the accident have been known to search social media for evidence that may contradict your claims of injury or mental anguish. The safest decision you can make is to simply withdraw from all social media until your case has been resolved. However, if you can’t completely cut off social media, there are things you can do below.

Make Them Private

The next best step you can take across all your networks is to make your posts and photos all private. Change your privacy settings on each of the social media platforms you use to make your posts only available to those you’ve accepted as friends. Disable the ”share” option of any of your photos or posts made by friends. Be extremely cautious if you receive a friend invitation from someone you don’t know, as you may be giving access to all of your private information to the wrong person.

Don’t Delete Anything

You may be tempted to delete your page altogether. Any content that has been published must remain right where it is. Going back and deleting old posts can be considered as “removal of evidence” if the parties to the bicycle accident become aware. If you have a collision with a motorcycle while on your bicycle, the insurance company will be very interested in your social media activities. Leave your pages and be sure to change your privacy settings.

Make Your Page Private

In short, after a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, try to withdraw from your social media until everything has been resolved. Otherwise, make your accounts and pages private, disable the sharing option, do not accept friend requests from anyone you do not know personally, and do not delete or modify past posts.

Contact An Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney

Hopefully, these tips will help you in case you ever find yourself involved in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle. If you have been injured, please contact a bicycle accident lawyer right away to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case. The goal is to get the most professional legal assistance for full and fair compensation for the injuries suffered.

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